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2020 Spring/Summer Team Tryouts on March 1st @ Seneca High School 

Illinois Ambush

Youth Basketball Academy


Here are the teams as of November 15th, 2018 for the Spring/Summer Season. 
If you have any questions on the team or names please contact the coach per team. 

Alternates: The coaches would like to see you after getting into the basketball season at a later date. Each coach said the talent was there but wanted to see some more from players after a few months of the season. So if you are still interested in being on the team please reach out to the coach around Christmas time to set a 1-on-1 workout with that coach. 

17U Boys - 2019 Spring/Summer

NAME:                          _______

Gabe Huffman

Trevor Moisant

Carson Monk

Jarod Garrelts

Evan Hardy

Hunter Wilkinson

Need 2-3 More Players 

Coach Erik Walton

Contact coach Walton to set up a time to tryout for remaining spots - 

16U Boys - 2019 Spring/Summer

NAME:                           _______

Aaron Threadgill

Maxwell Baker

Gunnar Jauch

Chris Bexson

Andrew Gastan

Tyler Arroyo

Caydan Candry

Riley Morris

Needs 1-2 More Players

Coach Dave Glenn

Contact coach Glenn to set up a time to tryout for remaining spots - 

15U Boys - 2019 Spring/Summer

NAME:                           _______

Given Siegel

Zach Graham

Bryce Handzus

Shawn Murphy

Hayden Marvin

Peyton Cheek

Hunter Muffler

Jeremy Kapper

Landon Brown

Garrett Grant

Coach Eric Adkins

14U Boys - 2019 Season


Jack Amiano

Gage Phillips 

Luke Brown

Ashton Yard 

Jonah Williams 

Gabe Almeda

Alex Graham

Need 1-2 More Players


Lucas Crater

Tyler Frauli

Reid Legner

Parker Miner

Jacob Taylor

Jack Duffy

Coach Jake Jurasits

Contact coach Jurasits to tryout for the remaining spots -

13U Boys - 2019 Season


Layton Finney

Quinn Baker

Cade Peterson

Mason Aldridge

Aric Threadgill

Owen Franklin

Pryor Bode

Need 2-3 More Players 


Ryan Hilt

Jonathan Moore

Braden Ellis

Collin Wright 

Walter Haage

Joseph Vinachi

Coach Preston Kyles

Contact coach Kyles to tryout for the remaining spots - 

12U Boys - 2019 Season


Owen Franklin

Nick Olivero

Chris Smith

Need 5-6 More Players

Coach Conlan Callahan 

Contact coach Callahan to tryout for the remaining spots - 

10U/11U Boys - 2019 Season

NAME: ____________________ 

Hayden Macdonald

Brady Sheedy

Andrew Peterson

Aden Tillman

Cole Tillman

Griffin Dobberstein

Hayden Kennell

Need 1 More Player

Coach Conlan Callahan 

Contact coach Callahan to tryout for remaining spot - 

13U Girls - 2019 Season

Name: _________________________

Landrie Callahan 

Lily Duffy

Olivia Chismarick

Ella Derossett

Kaitlyn Leonard

Brianna Hillary

Kaylea Randall

Ella Sterling

Kylee Kennelly

Mia Buck

Chloe ?? - Coal City

Coach Brennan Callahan

Contact coach Callahan at to get us info on the missing names here please. 

12U GIRLS - 2019 Season

Name: ______________________

Ashlynn Ganiere

Tessa ??

Addison ??

Layken Callahan

Mazy ??

Piper Stenzel

Grace ?? 

Hannah Balcom

Reese Purcell

Sophia Buck

Ella Legner

Coach Bryanne Callahan

Contact coach Callahan at to get us info on the missing names here please.