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Illinois Ambush

Youth Basketball Academy

Making a Difference!

We are always looking for great coaches and volunteers to help make this a positive experience for our players and their families. If you are interested in helping please contact us via email

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Men & Women Of Destiny
10 Articles of M.O.D or W.O.D.
1. If it's to be it's up to me.
2. I will accept winning graciously and losing with dignity.
3. The power of fear is distraction. The power of faith is focus.
4. I will always think before I react. 
5. I will positively affect my environment just because of my presence. 
6. I believe in me.
7. In me resides a nation. 
8. My attitude will determine my altitude.
9. I know I belong.
10. I am a Man/Woman Of Destiny.